1. Q)Would you please add my convention to your list?
    2. A) It depends. I have intentionally limited my list to a specific geographic area so that working on it doesn't completely swallow all of my time. Also I focus primarily on general science fiction conventions as opposed to more focused conventions (for example Edgar Rice Burroughs conventions or Blake's 7 conventions) or less focused events (e.g. popular culture festivals) even if their focus, or one of their focuses, falls within science fiction. If your conventions meets these criteria I'd probably be happy to list it, but remember that I do this as a hobby in my spare time and it's possible that I might miss listing your convention. If I do you can console yourself with the fact that I get very few hits (less than a dozen on most days) so you aren't really losing very much.
    1. Q) Could you give me some/additional information about a particular convention?
    2. A) Possibly, but realize that I don't have some sort of super secret convention information pipeline where I go to find these things out. While I do keep an archive of the convention publications that I pick up at conventions, or receive via mail, my archive is currently in a terrible state of disarray. If the information isn't in the archive the only other resource I use is the internet (DuckDuckGo, The Internet Archive etc.) so if you've already looked and haven't found the information I probably won't be able to help you either.
    1. Q) Could you help me get in touch with a particular convention?
    2. A) Possibly, but realize that I don't have any more access to most conventions than anyone else does. Most likely I'll just go to the conventions web site and try and figure out who to email from there. In other words pretty much what anyone else would do, and if you're being ignored when trying to contact them it's almost a certainty that I'll be ignored as well.
    1. Q) Your page at <http://www.visi.com/~kaustin/cons.html> is gone. What's going on?
    2. A) I transitioned the location of the page from my ISP account to a domain that I own. You should update any bookmarks you have to the new URL.
    1. Q) If I have a question that isn't answered in the FAQ how do I get in touch with you?
    2. A) You can email me at kaustin@sffan.net